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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

I smuggled in a book

I smuggled a book in

Not in my carry-on

In the suitcase between shoes and liquids

Don’t get upset

Don’t make me regret it,

I mean, telling you.

Fine, I won’t leave it on the bookshelf,

I’ll put it in the drawer.

No, it’s not banned,

not to my knowledge

I didn’t check

I’ll open an incognito window

I’ll close the shutters

I won’t google the list if you don’t want me to

(remind me to set up VPN)

Don’t tell me when to read

Don’t tell me I have to finish it soon

So that you can burn it after

Don’t tell a rebel what not to do.


I was really looking forward

to reading on my own terms.

Don’t take my description of restriction like an accusation

And then sleep on the couch.

Agreeing to place the book in the drawer is NOT a concession.

I live with you and we live here,

Under a system that uses security as an affront to freedom

I suggest you read this book.

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